Surrey Hills Internet rural network builds

If you are the occupier of a home or business where even traditional telephony services can sometimes be a struggle, let alone broadband fit for modern living, we can help. We can design, build and operate a dedicated fibre-optic network, and if the situation is appropriate combine fibre with a wireless network to deliver ultrafast broadband services.

Using our local knowledge of existing telecoms infrastructure and the area in general we can minimise upfront costs to deliver a cost effective service, taking advantage of possible Government funding where available.

Such ‘community build’ projects usually work best with 5 to 10 or more end users. These can be residential properties or businesses, but rely on the support of local landowners (who also benefit from the scheme) to provide access.

A detailed survey is undertaken in advance to confirm routes to be used and provide an installation budget. Our preference is to bury fibre where possible, but sometimes 5Ghz wireless can be incorporated into our network design.